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Wellness and motivational Speaker

Tips to Build Confidence: Steps to Believe in Yourself

Simple and easy tips to build confidence level

Most people believe that the success rate in what you are doing is already pre-determined or is up to fate. Little do they know that maybe fate does play an important role in our life, but it is upon us and our attitude & confidence that shapes our fate. Everything is in our hands, if we believe and have confidence that we can do it, then we will, for sure, do it!

What is Confidence?

Everyone has a varying meaning for the term “Confidence”. But when we combine all of them, the one answer that everyone can agree on is that confidence in an individual has the power to break or change the entire world. Confidence can make you strong and vulnerable at the same time. Hence, it is important to build a never-breaking confidence in oneself.

Today we will learn about the top 10 tips to build confidence that will encourage you to believe in yourself and whatever you are doing. If you are reading this blog, you have already taken the very first step to becoming a more confident person in your life which people will make an example of.

Top 10 tips to build confidence

1. Valuing The Small Wins

In the quest to achieve the bigger goals in our lives, we often neglect the small wins that we acquire on the way. Once you start valuing the small wins, you start building and boosting your confidence day by day.  These small wins may not seem like much, but once you start acknowledging and appreciating them, you start growing in your life. As we all know, practice makes a man perfect because, in that practice period, they have fallen and gotten back on their feet. They have learned from their mistakes rather than sobbing over them. This quality makes you believe in yourself and the fact that you can overcome obstacles with more confidence.

2. Challenging Yourself

Life is too uncertain and to face those uncertain times, we need to believe in ourselves by building self-confidence or else, the times which are powerful themselves can defeat us. As per the majority of the motivational speaker, these uncertainties are nothing but challenges that life throws at you to make you strong. It challenges you to continue your life after overcoming the obstacle and completing the challenge.

Similarly, it becomes our duty as well to challenge ourselves. How? By stepping out of our cocoon and emerge as a beautiful butterfly with wings to conquer the world. In this case, the world is your life. By doing so, you are allowing yourself to face various other challenges that you were protected from by your loved ones. This process makes you strong and makes you believe in yourself as you start facing them yourself. This is a vital step in building confidence.

3. Positive Affirmation

We tend to say more negative things to ourselves than positive things and we often do not realize it. You can create a chart where you can place your picture at the center and surround itself with the phrases that you want to hear, it can be anything and paste it somewhere you can watch and repeat those daily. If you are more of an audio person than a visual, then record an audio of you stating the positive affirmations about yourself. Hear it while you drive, exercise or simply get ready for the work because we are the best motivators for ourselves.

4. Observe Your Surrounding

Remember when we were used to getting advice from our parents to surround ourselves with better and more successful people? Some of us might still hear that. They were right. There’s a strong chance of getting influenced by the kind of people you are surrounded with. Observe whether they make you feel better about yourselves and encourage you to achieve more, indirectly boosting your confidence or are they pulling you down at the end of the day. These things need not be tangible, it completely depends on how you are feeling after a day out with them. If they do not help boost your confidence but rather lower your confidence level, then my dear readers, you might have to say goodbye now.

5. Do Not Compare Yourself

Comparing is a very natural thing but you need to understand that comparing is not going to boost your confidence. It will rather have the opposite effect and harm you in more ways than others. Comparing is a downfall itself, so the next time you compare yourself with others in your friend circle or Instagram, start noting down your strengths and weaknesses and work on them. Work to make yourself feel valuable and worthy of every challenge and win that will in turn help you believe in yourself more and build your confidence.

6. Prioritize Yourself

We all have come across the fact that no matter what you do, people will state their opinions and will try to sway you from your path, it is like their job, only unpaid. At these times, it is necessary to stand for yourself and what you believe is right. Lack of confidence and belief will make them successful in their path of pressuring you. But you need to be confident and ready to face these challenges whether with someone or alone. Always prioritize yourself and your well-being, it will boost your confidence like no other.

7. Train Your Mind

Mind is very tricky, and to deal with that trickiness, we need to train it. Train it by feeding what it actually needs. Our day-to-day habits including the mundane ones have a great impact on how our mind works. Start focusing on what you read and watch, learn a new set of skills, and new inspirational phrases and work on them. It trains your mind to believe in yourself because of what you are observing every day.

8. Learn New Skills

The human mind works on a different level, I must say! By learning a new set of skills, you are not just adding a valuable skill to your resume but also your life. If you want to learn to play guitar, it is a new skill that will help you when you want to unwind yourself at the end of the day. If you want to learn to solve cubic puzzles, then it helps your IQ to build. Everything has a direct impact on your confidence. New skills help to boost your confidence level and make you believe that if you believe you can do it, then you will do it!

9. Don’t Fake It Till You Make It

It is important to face the situation confidently even if you don’t know how rather than bluffing with confidence. This not only helps you to learn more but also encourages the other person to help you understand things more in-depth which can build your confidence. If you fake it with confidence, that will be considered as over-confidence and limit your chances to learn more in life.

10. Recognize Accomplishments

The last but not least tip is to not depend on others to hear compliments on how you have accomplished a certain goal. People have different ways of motivating others, that might now align with you but it is their way of encouraging. It is best to recognize your accomplishment and note it down because it aids in boosting your confidence level to achieve the next one with more prosperity and success.


Even going to a nearby store and asking for candy requires confidence and belief because it has the power to transform you and how you see life and new challenges. Hence, with these ten tips, begin your self-confidence journey today and evolve into a confident person!

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