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10 things that lead to a peaceful life

10 Things That Lead To A Peaceful Life

Life is very precious but the control is with us as an individual. If you want to ruin your life, you can, if you want to make your life big with success, you can. If you want to make peace in your life at any age, you can! Hence, here is a guide for you that will compel you to make your life peaceful with these 10 tips.

Pathway to Peaceful Living

1. Don’t Go To Every Fight You’re Invited

Don’t go to every argument you are invited to is a quote by Mandy Hale. You rater accept an invitation to wedding or parties instead of accepting one to a fight or argument. Well, arguments are never-ending. That means they will affect your mental peace even if you have hundreds of other things to make you happy. An argument or fight takes up all your energy and fills you with negative energy.

2. Save, Save & Save Money

Many believe in spending money because we live one life and we need to enjoy that one life. No one will stop you from spending money but try to do them on valuable things. Like on a trip or in education.

Money saving acts as an emergency fund for the future. It gives an individual the relief of financial security, debt stress and most importantly, peace of mind after retirement. It helps to navigate better when falling under unexpected situations.

 3. Invest Early

Investment has a lot of benefits that one is often unaware of. Some people think that investing is the same as saving money. But it isn’t. While saving many gives you the freedom to use them as and when required, they will not increase with time as you invest.

Investing will lead you to the power of compounding which will further allow you to build protected wealth that you can withdraw during an emergency or as per bank policies. 

4. Take Care Of Your Health

A healthy life is always equal to a happy life and a happy life means peaceful life. A peaceful life doesn’t refer to life with waves of laughter, it refers to a life that is balanced in all aspects, money, happiness, health, relationships and many more.

Indulge in light exercises like walking daily, doing a 15-minute workout or even yoga. They will help to keep both health & wealth in control. You may ask how these small workouts can benefit but small steps every day help to bring a long-term benefit. 

5. Buy House Once You Have Enough Corpus

Having your own home gives a different security, more than a financial one (may vary). It means no matter how bad your day is or where you go, you have a place that you can call home and return to whenever you wish to. A place to come back, that many others lack in their life.

Once you have enough corpus, buy a house that will give you a sense of security. If determinant, you can also buy villa upon having more than enough corpus. This way, you are laying the groundwork for the future, which means a peaceful life without to worry about the home. 

6. Eat Healthy

In today’s world, where everyone is after junk food, choose healthy food. Because junk foods provide you with temporary peace of mind & hunger but with healthy foods, you can have a peaceful life away from diseases and sickness. There are ways to make your healthy food tastier and you just have to find the right one for you. So, eat healthy with vegetables, fruits and healthy juices. Healthy is more than just cereals.  

7. Respond Rather Than React

For instance, there’s a story narrated by Norris Chuck, an actor and martial arts expert. One day, his friend was waiting in traffic to cross the street safely, but the man behind him, also in a car, was impatiently honking. He approached Norris’s friend and asked if he wasn’t being able to find the gas pedal. To which, his friend responded it’s okay if you want to fight, but I have a bad back, you will have to help me out of the car.

In this situation, the other driver got confused and left with humor, rather than picking an unnecessary fight. This is the presence of mind in which neither party had to lose their peaceful day. 

8. Don’t Think Of Troubles As A Burden

According to an author and a former law professor, Toni Bernhard, people wake up every day thinking about what to expect and not accepting the fact that life doesn’t go our way.

At times of trouble, if you sit and worry you didn’t expect it, then it will do nothing except waste your time and affect your peace. But when you say, “It’s okay, things happen. Not all things will go our way” and move on, then you will see life with a different lens and still have peaceful life to head.

9. Live In The Moment

Life is uncertain. Live your life to the fullest by living in the moment. Enjoy each small moment with your loved ones. In this busy life, we often forget to spend time with people we care about or for things that we are passionate about. And it is very important to do those things to make your life fruitful.

10. Prayer

In this modern world, people think prayer doesn’t solve anything but some are there who go and sit near the god when feeling troubled to get peace, even for a second. St. Francis de Sales once said, “Every one of us needs half an hour of prayer a day, except when we are busy — then we need an hour.”

Prayer helps to calm your mind and soul and saves you from falling prey to panic and confusion. Spend a little time for prayer and see how it gives you peace to continue your life and the power to overcome any trouble or challenges.


The power to make our life happy & peaceful resides within us and no one else. A peaceful life is also attributed to peaceful living & a long life to enjoy life & witness the world changing.

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