Geetanjali Mengi

Wellness and motivational Speaker
Wellness and motivational Speaker

Clinical Dietitian, Nutritionist, Wellness-Speaker, Author, Anchor, Wellness Expert, Pod-caster, Blogger, You tuber As a wellness and motivational speaker,

Geetanjali- The Voice of healthcare is a unique initiative which enables organizations to use our expertise in healthcare to benefit their employees.

The program includes a comprehensive set of services that provide exclusive benefits to employees, help them improve their health and quality of life, and even boost their productivity.

For employers, the program promises reduced healthcare costs and an efficient and happy workforce. Wellness is the precursor to optimum health. Wellness is a continuous process towards achieving positive, transformational well being, and wellness completes health.

Welcome to Geetanjali Speaker

Whether it’s a keynote speech, workshop or corporate event, WE strive to deliver a transformative experience that leaves audiences feeling motivated, inspired, AND equipped with the tools they need to achieve their health and wellness goals.

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Motivational Speaker

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Wellness Speaker Geetanjali

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Diseases and Disorder Speaker


Our presentations are filled with real-life stories, practical tips, and actionable advice.
I BELIEVE that health and wellness go beyond just the physical body,
AND I encourage audiences to make positive changes in all aspects of their lives.


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